Our ethos

Here at Astrix, we are inherently people-focused, we love what we do, we strongly believe in doing things right, and we constantly strive to do better (so much so that our primary competition is ourselves)!

Our history

For nearly 2 decades, Astrix was a Managed Services Provider (an outsourced IT department) for many micro-to-medium-sized organisations. Our role provided us with valuable insight and our ethos taught us how to effectively care for many types of people, businesses, and systems. This also taught us that cybersecurity is consistently given little, if any, thought.

As the worldwide number and magnitude of cybersecurity incidents increased exponentially, so did our empathy for the victims and our skills in these areas. Naturally, we realised our vision. However, it's very difficult for MSPs to effectively manage both the operation and security of IT systems so we committed ourselves entirely to cybersecurity.