Astrix partner with LuJam

October 07, 2019

Astrix partner with LuJam


Here at Astrix, we constantly engage promising organisations to evaluate their products and services to determine if they’re suitable for us to recommend to our clients.

For a long time, among other things, we have been searching for a single product / service that can:

  1. Provide ongoing visibility into and protection for networks and computers.

  2. Provide ongoing monitoring and reporting of compliance against cybersecurity standards such as Cyber Essentials.

  3. Be easily deployed and managed.

A while ago, we were introduced to LuJam - a GCHQ-, NCSC-, and Tech Nation-backed company who have set out to accomplish exactly that so, naturally, we were very interested!

LuJam featured on the web page of the NCSC’s Cyber Accelerator

We lightly tested their service for a while and it seemed promising so we further engaged with them. They were kind enough to share their product roadmap with us which, suffice to say, is so promising that we’ve agreed to greatly expand our testing and partner with them. So, we should have much more news on this soon!

Both Astrix and LuJam will be present at the following events so feel free to come and say hi!

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